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WikiHorseWorld Launches today

The project that has been occupying so much of my time lately (to the exclusion of almost everything else) launches in a few hours today.

Wiki Horse World is really a pretty cool Idea. After over a year of constant work on the site, we’ve managed to combine a Community, Wiki, Classified Advertisements, Forum and a full-featured Pedigree management database system into a single entity.

This pilot program will be the first such “Wiki World” site to place the site into the hands of the community. The brainchild of Dream World Technology, Inc. WikiHorseWorld is a fresh idea for the niche market of Horse lovers, from the hobbyist who keeps their horses for pets, to the Breeder or Rancher who raises pedigreed horses for a living.

Yes, I do realize that I am rather partial to the site. (I did do most of the programming and integration) However, as a horse owner/hobbyist myself, I do feel that the concept is a fascinating idea.


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